Eco-efficient concrete for the regeneration of industrial estates

Technical seminar on industrial flooring: Eco-efficient concrete for the regeneration of industrial estates

New industrial surfaces require innovative solutions enabling the combination of industrial activity with a sustainable management of the resources used in construction and building procedures.

During the seminar, new solutions based on concrete for industrial estates in the field of industrial flooring, among others, were discussed. We explained experts and professionals how concrete contributes to increase the sustainability of industrial estates by means of robust, lasting and efficient applications from an energy-efficient point of view.

As usual, Prosistemas co-operates with the different institutions promoting technical seminars and meetings between professionals and companies to share experiences leading to improve the work carried out by Prosistemas for the benefit of our customers. As always, Prosistemas is pleased to arrange, following these seminars, meetings of a technical-commercial nature with those companies immersed in a process to expand their facilities or that are faced with the challenge of renovating the flooring of their industrial plants or factories.

Technical seminar organised by the Instituto del Cemento y sus Aplicaciones -IECA-, the Directorate-General for Industry, Energy and Mines of the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Finance of the Regional Government of Madrid and the Fundación de la Energía of Madrid.