Light concrete without cement based on cellular geopolymers

The project "Light concrete without cement based on cellular geopolymers" which is being carried out by CYE Control y Estudios (Project leader), Fachadas del Norte, Indutec Ingenieros, Francisco Gómez y Cía., Productos y Sistemas Aplicados (Prosistemas) and Aimen (subcontracted entity) is supported by the Galician Innovation Agency, (Agencia Gallega de Innovación, GAIN) and the European Regional Development Fund (Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional, FEDER) as part of the OT1 “Promoting technological development, innovation and quality research”, in the framework of the operational programme Feder Galicia 2014-2020, with a grant of 382,149.75 €.

GeoCel will develop new materials intended for the construction industry, without cement and, therefore, with a very low environmental impact, by means of the efficient use of resources and raw materials. New geopollymer concrete with a cellular structure will be specifically developed, obtained from a process of geosynthetics and the inclusion of waste material very much present in the Galician industrial fabric.

The new proposed products suggested in GeoCel are concrete, insulating panels and pervious and non-pervious concrete floorings, which are lighter, more affordable and with a low carbon footprint.

It is estimated that these products reduce CO2 emissions up to 80% and require 50% less energy in their manufacturing process. For these reasons, GeoCel will also use a life cycle analysis and an economic analysis as tools to assess the improvements of the proposed solutions.

During 2016 we carried out activities to raise awareness, define previous requirements and the design of laboratory-scale formulations.

Directorate General for Regional Policy (European Commission)
Directorate General for EU Funds (Spanish Ministry of Economy and Finance)
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