Prosistemas builds the flattest flooring in the world

Source: Cadena de Suministro

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The company has received an award in the USA for a project carried out in Girona for Tavil, a manufacturer of packaging lines


The Galician company Prosistemas, specialised in building large floorings in high Planimetry, has just received the Golden Trowel Award 2016 given by the engineering firm Face Companies, for a project carried out in Girona for Tavil, a manufacturer of packaging lines.


The award was given to an 8,000 square metre elevated slab which has beaten every historic record in Planimetry in its category, establishing a new world record.
To measure the flatness of flooring, the general levelness of the project and the lack of unevenness and roughness throughout the floor is measured. To do so, the ASTM system is used. In the case of the award-winning project, the record measurement obtained is FL 91.1 and FF 91.7.


A 33,000 square metres sill which achieved the fifth best recording ever in Planimentry has also received a Special Mention of the jury.  The sill was designed and built with earthquake-resistant features, so that the flooring acts as bracing to withstand the structure of the building in case of an earthquake.


Ultra flat floors with special characteristics

To win this award, the company has competed with large building and engineering companies from all over the world, particularly with US companies as this is the country that has done more research on the construction of this kind of ultra flat floors with special characteristics.


These floors are essential for logistical centres that generate internal traffic of goods or high rack storage. In fact, only in those particularly flat floors that have no reliefs can one operate with vertical storage solutions that rise as high as 20 or even 40 metres high.


In 2014, Prosistemas was the first European company to win a Golden Trowel Award with a 60,000 square metres jointless flooring. At one point, it also beat the world Planimetry record in the over 10,000 square metres category.
Its engineers use state-of-the-art equipment, such as laser spreaders or Dipstick inclinometers, and have a lab where cementitious compounds with special features are studied and developed.
The company has specialised in solving great technical challenges related to concrete flooring, ranging from a floor to withstand ultra-heavy vehicles of the MoD to a hospital floor that does not generate dust and is resistant to chemical agents.


Their more recent prominent project has been the development of flooring for a factory with certain particular joints that must absorb the expansion of the flooring without any air circulation to facilitate the internal traffic of the parts on board a fleet of hovercraft vehicles.



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