The Vigo company Prosistemas is awarded a prize for building the flattest flooring in the world

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The company receives the Golden Trowel Award in the USA for the second time after beating a historic record


The company competes with US companies, which are the ones that have done more research on these technical solutions


Yesterday, the Vigo company Prosistemas received the Golden Trowel Award 2016 in the USA for a project carried out in Girona for Tavil, a manufacturer of packaging lines. The company is specialised in building large floorings in high Planimetry, i.e., without bending. Its research lab in O Porriño is responsible for this, as it constantly innovates in new solutions for uses of concrete. The project that received the award is an 8,000 square metre elevated slab which, in addition, has beaten every historic record in Planimetry in its category, establishing a new world record.

To measure how flat the flooring is, two parameters are considered: the general levelness of the project (the larger the surface, the more technical difficulty) and the lack of unevenness and roughness throughout the floor. The measurement system that determines both parameters is called ASTM. In the case of the award-winning project, the record measurement obtained is FL 91.1 and FF 91.7.  A 33,000 square metres sill which achieved the fifth best recording ever in Planimentry, also received a Special Mention of the jury.  The sill was designed and built with earthquake-resistant features, so that the flooring acts as bracing to withstand the entire structure of the building in case of an earthquake.


Prosistemas competes with large building and engineering companies from all over the world for the Golden Trowel Award, but particularly with US companies as this is the country that has done more research on the construction of floors known as High Planimetry: ultra flat floors and with special characteristics (abrasion-resistent, rotproof, non-adherent, luminiscent, for  decorative design, etc.) that nowadays are essential for logistical or commercial centres that generate internal traffic of goods or high rack storage.

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