We bring out all the big guns: open house day with the University, the media and the Minister of Industry of the Galician Regional Government

For the first time in our company’s history, yesterday we publically showed all our resources and the technical and constructive quality which has enabled us to receive the Golden Trowel award to the High Planimetry levels. This Open Doors Day was a success of coordination of our entire workforce. They prepared an impeccable exhibition which went like clockwork and where everything ran according to schedule. The event was a small-scale recreation of the different stages involved in building flooring, ranging from the formwork and the concreting to the use of the laser-guided concrete spreader to the latest finishes and hardeners for flooring. In addition, we also showed several technical tests to check the resistance or the reflectance of our industrial flooring, which allow our clients to save thousands of Euros in maintenance. Óscar Candás, who works for our supplier and technological partner Betonia Products, explained with practical tests the qualities obtained with modern admixtures and advanced hardeners, such as shock-absorption and the resistance to chemical aggression.


The event, which took place in our facilities in O Porriño, was attended by the Minister of Industry of the Regional Government of Galicia, Mr. Francisco Conde, representatives of the University of Vigo and several Galician media. They all acknowledged the international prestige attained by our company over the years, a success which is to the credit of all our staff and the commitment to science and research of the company’s management from the very beginning. The Minister himself, in his remarks, used Prosistemas as an example of a forward-looking company for its commitment to develop their own technological knowledge. "Only with innovation can an industrial company remain a player in today’s extremely tough globalised market", Conde pointed out, welcoming the capacity of Prosistemas and the University to learn with joint research projects that have real impact on the industry.


The University was represented by its vice chancellor Mr. Xavier Martínez Cobas and professor Mr. Humberto Michinel is the Head of the research team of Physical Optics of the University of Vigo and the Chairperson of the European Optical Society, one of the most prestigious organizations worldwide in the field of Photonics and the use of laser. Michinel welcomed the commitment of Prosistemas to the scientific spirit and transfer of knowledge and explained our ongoing joint projects, including those related to reflectance (savings in artificial lighting) and a measurement system of flatness using optical autocollimators. On the other hand, the following day the media reported on our company’s technological display and the compliments of the Regional Minister of Industry, and also highlighted the significant workload contracted for the coming months with several clients. The event was hosted by Eusebio Rey, Managing Director of Prosistemas, who played host on behalf of all our staff.

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